Felis Catus

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De kat of huiskat (Felis silvestris catus) is een van de oudste huisdieren van de mens. De gedomesticeerde kat behoort tot de familie der katachtigen (Felidae). Ook het woord poes is gangbaar, soms meer specifiek in het geval van een vrouwelijke kat. Een mannelijke kat heet een kater, en.

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Also see comments under Felis and Felis silvestris. Synonyms allocated according to Pocock (1951) and should be considered provisional. There has been almost universal use of F. catus for the domestic cat and silvestris for wild cats.

Die Gattung Felis wurde 1758 von Carl von Linné in der zehnten Auflage der Systema Naturae beschrieben. Der Name leitet sich von lateinisch felis (auch feles, faeles, faelis) „Katze, Marder“ ab. Die Typusart ist aufgrund linnéscher Tautonymie Felis catus Linnaeus, 1758 (= Hauskatze).

Espécie: Felis catus Os gatos domésticos são animais pertencentes à Família Felidae, e Gênero Felis. Alguns autores os consideram como uma subespécie do gato silvestre, o Felis silvestris.

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The cat (Felis catus) is a small carnivorous mammal. It is the only domesticated species in the family Felidae and often referred to as the domestic cat to distinguish it from wild members of the family. The cat is either a house cat or a farm cat, which are pets, or a.

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Felis Species: Felis silvestris Subspecies: Felis silvestris catus. Name . Felis silvestris catus Linnaeus, 1758 Original combination: Felis catus Linnaeus, 1758 References . Linnaeus,

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Leo Takami – Felis Catus and Silence Felis Catus and Silence is a breakthrough release for Tokyo composer-guitarist Leo Takami, following the milestone albums Children’s Song (2012) and Tree of Life (2017). Takami counterpoints the soothing aesthetics of prime-era Windham Hill New Age guitar-heroism with meditative, in